Get your Bake on!!

Let everyoneknow your are entering, the Great Kentish Bake Off!!


1 - All entrants must register in advance we can not accept registration on the day.

2 - All cakes must be baked by the contestant and not bought.

3 - All entries must be delivered to the Bake Off area before 11.30 am on the chosen day.

4 - Judging will take place at 13.00 each day.

5 - Junior Bake Off is open to children aged 6 - 12.  Adults should supervise the baking 

6 - The Judges decision is final, Taste of Kent Employees have no influence in the        

       judging process.

7 - Taste of Kent Employees and volunteers are not permitted to enter.

8 - Any Boxes/equipment left behind will be thrown away at the end of the event    

      unless you have instructed us otherwise. 

Application for the Bake Off has now closed